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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lemon..An attraction Itself

I love lemon colour ,May be that is the reason I am so devotedly in love with  lemons as well. I just at times like to see them and relish my self with their adorable yellowness.
 Lemon Yellow is a gorgeous shade,unlike yolk yellow it kind of omits brightness and luminosity..Following are some images I took to use my newly born photographic ability and of course have fun with my gorgeous lemons.
We have this plant since ages and every October it starts to give us a bulk of lemons which are hard to handle at times.

They are gifted to friends and family. The god thing is that they are not only very big ones , almost like a lime but also they are very thin skinned and give plenty of rich juice which is life of our lemonades..

A lemon turning yellow. perfect blend of colors

A baby lemon..Still in Greens
Nature's guards:Thorns on branches

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