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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My anniversary Sweetness

Now as I had already glimpsed that I'd be starting this new venture of mine with a super delicious Baking  activity in respect of my Wedding Anniversary.Here it is .A Delicious Black Forest cake.

It is quite late for the day by now but I really invested a lot of my time.There were somethings that were trying to go wrong .I am glad I sorted them out.And here is the final View.

So actually I was not planning to Bake such a big Blast but When I was about to bake the sponge I realised that It was far too wide round mold.I didn't have the enough batter or smaller mold .Thus. the first sponge which came out was so not thick enough to shape up as a normal cake.It was Wide but thin ,little more than A thick Pizza .So I had to repeat the recipe again and bake another sponge.It took a lot of time but I was saved the mid section partition of the sponge as I already had two parts.So I just Soaked them in Pineapple syrup ,chocolate syrup and icing ,stuffed in pineapple chunks and put the second one above it (OFC While waiting another half an hour to cool it down)
All in all it took time I would have finished it in Less than an hour and spent some 3 hours on it..but stil I was glad of the outcome and boy! it tasted great .
So far so good.
So this is my venture in baking.
I'll certainly be posting up more adventures soon enough.
Till then
Cheeky Chic


  1. Looks soo yum! And professional! At first I thought you bought it :)

  2. Yeah it looks like so even my hubby asked who brought it..camouflage..:P

  3. aww that looks nice and delicious :>

  4. Amazing!:)Kiss from Poland! Please follow me: