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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Some Spaghetti Scenery!!

 So here is the  Spaghetti Experiment I did yesterday.
As far as i remember spaghetti is the first regular dish I had made all on my own.It was back when I was totally in awe of noodles .I stil am but now they seem a little snack-y to me instead of a whole meal.Spaghetti instead has become more of a passing fantasy now.When I am not in mood to make some thing really fancy.I just make Spaghetti.So this is what I did .First of all boiling spaghetti which is an easy task as I just set the timer to 15-20 mins ,turn the heat medium pour a spoonful oil and salt in boiling water with spaghetti sticks and let them on their own till the bell rings.
Thats after they were drained

Making the "masala"is not a wee bit problem as I always keep some boiled chicken chunks absorbed in their own stock frozen in compartment.So I just took them out  ,stripped some cabbage,Carrots and tomatoes and let them simmer for some 15 minutes.In go all the spices,White pepper,Paprika,Red pepper,Chinese salt,and regular salt too.All in hefty quantities.

So below is what it became when all the juices from tomatoes and chicken stock dried out.I didn't forget to dust them with some Garam Masala. We cant stay away from desi aromas ,Can we?

That is the end product,With some soy sauce,Vinegar and Chili Sauce , it was an absolute Dinner.
Hope You liked it.
Cheeky Chic


  1. Haha are these the pictures you sent the elf people? They must be soo confused!

    Looks yum btw :)

  2. I guess these were those.i was blushing intensely through my cheeks when they told me:$u cant imagine how weird moment that was!
    it was yum.lup lup!!

  3. Thank you for your sooo lovely comment!! and for the follow!!! <3
    I love pasta too :))


  4. Looks positively yummy. Thanks for the recipe.I'm a huge pasta/noodle fan too :) If you want a recipe for my famous pasta soup email me on pandorasssbox@yahoo.com I have my friends begging for it:)

  5. Very nice blog !