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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lemon..An attraction Itself

I love lemon colour ,May be that is the reason I am so devotedly in love with  lemons as well. I just at times like to see them and relish my self with their adorable yellowness.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

A Small Visit to "Fantasies"

Hi friends!!
This is one of my crazy obsession with greeting cards post. specially the mini one. I find them handy and useful for multi purposes..okayyy..u got me.. I just love how Cute & Tiny they are.

so I had actually gone to get a cellphone pouch for my phone from a gift shop "Fantasies"and ended up buying some other stuff I got my eyes on.I was so crazy I didnt even notice their price tags. i just gave the man total amount and fled the store happy with my purchases.
So first of all are the mini greeting cards:

I always get the "best wishes" one or those which do not have anything across them
I got apouch for my cell phone only because I was fearing scratches on its 5 Mega pixel camera lens.This one is pretty normal one. But I couldnt resist Turquoise.

I couldn't resist getting getting a Letter Charm matching the pouch .I think it was PKR 80/- Almost A buck..cool huh?
I got another key chain with smiley face.. That attracted me to the core. I plan to get a shoulder bag matching that..How wobbly Headed am I..I guess this cost me PKR 150/-(1.50 USD approx.)
So guys that was all.
I liked everything  I got
I'll join you another itme
 Till then
Cheeky Chic